Event Quotes

Event Quotes

How do you evaluate a good art event?

“Each event is different. The goal of some is audience footfall, others critical response, others out-reach participation and engagement, others public awareness.”  


Any suggestions for the people who want to run an art event?

For fine art projects try to make events as self-sustaining as possible financial-wise since project funding is increasingly harder to get and increasingly more restrictive in direction and outcomes.”


Which event are you looking forward to?

“The film festival event, it’s probably going to be most challenging in terms of number of artists and organisation involved, and technical set-up.”


What is the purpose of the event that you are doing? Do art events make money?

“The purpose the event I am doing  is to raise money for another project (the ‘experimental studio’). Any money raised will be matched by Arts Council England through the Catalyst funding programme.”

— Daniel Gibson . Event Manager of Vane Gallery, Newcastle.